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behind the scenes @ naco paris ss16 …

October 20, 2015

naco paris ss16 show @ la balle au bond in paris on oct. 4 2015 …

naco’s fashion defines as unisexwear, unusual & underground … his motto : art is resistance …
presenting his 30th collection called ‘no god, no master !’, the designer further explores his trademark mix of up-cycling & activism …
the backstage is on stage : 4 models arrive in underwear & fishnet stockings; they are dressed directly on the runway then snapped in an on-set photo studio before walking …
punk is not dead and its references (safety pins, studs, anarchy ‘a’, distressed items) are well alive … military forces are on maximal alert … hand-painted pieces and arty prints recall the designer’s love for artist contributions … slogans reflect the designer’s imilitancy, in particular for migrant solidarity … the look is urban, colourful, young … true … true to what naco paris has always been defending ever since its beginning in 2001 !

‘is the human being trying to hide himself behind clothes, or are the clothes hiding the human being ?
is the human being trying to protect himself against the hardness of the city, terrorism, acid rains or his fellows, or is the marketing trying to trick the human being’s brain in order to sell him more fake dreams ?
is the marketing taking over the creation ?
fashion, music, art and ideas are becoming flatter than ever, just like all the advertising campaigns over the walls and in the magazines …
contre-culture is the only way to find a balance !
dada attitude !
no rules : only creation !
no god, no master !’
naco paris, 4-10-2015


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