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laitinen raasakka siren aw1213

May 19, 2012

sons of the neon rave – showing at hyères 2012 as part of the 10 finalists of the festival’s 27th edition, laitinen raasakka siren was awarded the l’oréal professionnel jury grand prix … graduated from the aalto university of art and design in helsinki, the finnish girl trio formed by elina laitinen, siiri raasakka & tiia siren presented their vision of an imaginary tribe of “urban nomads living in a utopian future society” with a resolutely youthful, playful, colourful, streetwear-focused & definitely offbeat collection which conquered the jury headed by yohji yamamoto …
it’s party time with some kind of 3rd millenium b-boys, new age adventurers, neo-punk science fiction heroes wandering between rave parties and glowing in the night like giant pompoms in rainbow colours and asymmetrical, oversized, layered garments …
the overall look is young & urban, experimenting on the materials, mixing a very strong streetwear vibe with traditional finnish handcraft techniques such as knitting, rugging or felting, incorporating hand-dyed tie-dye, exclusive hand-worked hallucinogenic or flowery wallpaper-like prints, adding acid & neon colours aplenty, tribal fringes, glowsticks, using swarovski elements crystals whether to cover a sweatshirt or adorn the silhouette right down to the accessories for a full street style attire complete with sneakers, cap & backpack …
with this outstanding debut showing a possible bright future, laitinen raasakka siren is not one but three to watch !


pictures © étienne tordoir

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  1. December 6, 2012 12:45 am

    wowzaaa talk about neon rave! well cool!

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